Approach Permit

All new approaches and/or existing approaches that are in need of improvement must be approved by the Highway Department. The approval request must be made on the standard Approach Permit form available at the Morton County Highway Department or by clicking the link below.

To obtain a permit, please call 701-667-7969 or stop into the office and request a form. A site visit will be made to determine the type of approach needed along with the pipe size and length if one is needed. Field conditions such as sight distance, zoning regulations, County policy and general location will all be considered in the approval/denial of the approach requested. The length of this process may be longer during the busiest time of the construction season.
The number of approaches will be limited to five per mile.



  1. Download and save the Approach Permit Form to your desktop. Download link is provided below.
  2. Open and complete the application. You can save data typed into the application.
  3. Click "Submit Form" when finished. You may also email the complete application to Nate Krikorian at