Child Protection and Family Services

The Child Protection and Family Services listed below are available for residents of the Three Rivers Human Service Zone by contacting (701) 667-3395.


North Dakota has gone to a centralized intake process for reporting suspected child abuse/neglect. To make

a report, please call 1-833-958-3500. Written reports can be faxed to (701) 328-0361.


For after hours child protection emergencies, contact local law enforcement.


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Child Abuse/Neglect Assessments and Protective Services
Provides for an assessment of allegations of child abuse or neglect and determines findings for needed family services.


Family Focused Services
Provides intensive in-home case management services for families whose children are in crisis or at risk of out-of-home foster care placement.


Parent Aide Services
The provision of paraprofessional services to families, providing education and support to meet predetermined goals and prevent out-of-home child foster care placement.  Services are provided as a component of Family Preservation Services in North Dakota.


Safety and Permanency Funds
A financial resource available to assist with the costs of necessities to prevent out-of-home foster care placement of a child or to promote reunification to the family. 


Child Placement Services (Foster Care)
Juvenile court-ordered placement of children between the ages of birth and 18 years of age outside the parental home until a permanent plan is developed. 


Foster Home Licensing
The recruitment, assessment, and training of adult individuals or couples to provide substitute care to a minor child under the order of the court.


Prime Time Day Care Services 
Provides short-term payment to licensed child care providers for the care of children who are victims of neglect or abuse and/or at risk of out-of-home foster care placement.


Crossroads Program
Provides payment of child care to licensed child care providers for an unmarried minor parent to enable them to complete their high school education.


Subsidized Adoption
The provision of a grant and/or medical assistance to families who adopt a child or children with special needs.