Community Services Unit - Adult and Family Services

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Home and Community Based Services

In-home services are funded for the purpose of maximizing independent living for individuals choosing such services in lieu of long term care in a nursing facility.  Services are funded by the Special Payments for the Elderly and Disabled (SPED) Program, Expanded SPED Program, or the Medicaid Waiver.


Case Management 
The provision of specialized assistance based on the findings of a comprehensive assessment for the individual desiring help in selecting and obtaining services and coordinating the delivery of services.


Adult Family Foster Care & Licensing
Provides 24-hour foster care in a family setting to an adult who is determined to be unable to function independently by having been for screened for skilled or intermediate long term care.  The care is provided in a licensed private home.


Basic Care Assessments
Case managers assess whether an individual meets the functional eligibility requirements for residence in a basic care facility.


Family Home Care
Payments are available to adult family members for the care of an eligible elderly or disabled individual as an alternative to nursing home care.


Homemaker Services
The provision of non-personal care tasks such as housekeeping and laundry which enables the indiviual to maintain or develop the independence needed to remain in their own home.


Personal Attendant Care
The provision of assistance and/or supervision in self-care or health related needs which enable an individual to maintain as much independence and self-reliance as possible in their own home.


Respite Care
Provides temporary relief to the individual's primary caregiver for a specified period of time.  The caregiver is relieved of the stresses and demands associated with providing continuous daily care.


Children's Special Health Services
The provision of medical assistance to children under the age of 21 years who have a qualifying medical condition and who meet family income guidelines.


Health Tracks
Provides a comprehensive health screening for children eligible for Medicaid.  Needed follow-up care is identified and assistance provided with scheduling medical appointments.


Child/Day Care Licensing and Registration
Provides licensing to individuals and groups care facilities in accordance with North Dakota Century Code and North Dakota Administrative Code.