County Feedback

In an effort to continually innovate and improve our services to our community, we encourage you to provide our organization with feedback.  Why do we seek feedback?

  • If we do not know what is going well in the organization from a customer and employee perspective, we cannot recognize and acknowledge our staff for their successes.
  • If we do not know what is wrong, we will continue providing inadequate services and support.
  • Our greatest opportunity is to learn from those who are unsatisfied with our service.


Feedback allows us an opportunity to learn, grow and further develop our services to better meet customer and employee needs.  Please take a few moments and share your experience and wisdom.  In return, we will objectively evaluate the information and make our best effort to improve the health, well-being, and services offered by this organization. 


If you are a CUSTOMER, please utilize this link to share your experience:


If you are an EMPLOYEE, please utilize this link to provide to share your feedback.  There is an option to contribute confidentially.


If you are a departing EMPLOYEE and would like to contribute feedback regarding your employment experience, please complete our Team Member Exit Interview.