Russian Knapweed (Centaurea repens L.)


(Centaurea repens L.)


GROWTH HABIT:  Perennial herb, up to 3 ft. tall, erect, may be in dense clumps.  Greyish color.

LEAVES:  Alternate, simple, of several types:

Upper leaves – small, narrow, unbroken edge;

Stem leaves – intermediate in size, slight toothed margins;

Basal leaves – deeply notched.

STEMS:  Numerous branches, each ending with a single flower.

FLOWERS:  Single, terminal, lavender, thistle like, scaly seed head.

ROOTS:  Dark brown to black and heavily scaled.

SEEDS:  Flattened, ivory colored, retained in cup-shaped seed heads.

OTHER:  Leaves and stems covered with short stiff hairs giving plant and appearance of knap.  Spreads by seeds and creeping rootstocks.