Pre-Recording Checklist

  1. Document must be Original or Certified Copy.
  2. One-inch Margin on top, bottom, left, or right of each page of instrument.
  3. A 3 inch space must be provided on the top of the first page of each instrument.  If this space is not provided we will attach a blank sheet of paper to the end of the document and adjust recording fees accordingly.
  4. All Dates filled in.
  5. Adequate County Legal Description
    • If the legal description is a subdivision/addition the legal needs to be worded exactly as the plat reads.
    • Don't copy legal description from a deed without checking the plat also.
    • Don't copy a legal description from a tax statement.
  6. All Signatures must be Original Handwritten with the exception of a Remote Online Notary which requires additional verbiage/attachments.
  7. Acknowledgement(s)
    • Acknowledgments for all signatories
    • Notary's Seal(s) (ND notary seal must be surrounded by border)
    • State filled in
    • County filled in
    • Date of acknowledgement filled in
    • Name(s) of signatory appear in acknowledgment (as having appeared before the Notary Public)
    • Expiration Date of Notary's commission
    • Notary's handwritten original Signature unless it is a RON which will need additional verbiage/attachments
  8. All text on documents must be as big as 10pt Calibri or larger.


DEEDS-Additional Requirements

  1. Statement of Full Consideration (not required on a deed covering minerals only)
  2. Auditor's Transfer Stamp & Seal (not required on a deed covering minerals only)
  3. Post Office address for Grantee(s)
  4. Name & address of Drafter on a Deed or Contract for Deed, executed 01/01/2000 or after or any instrument executed or acknowledged inside the state of ND, containing a metes and bounds legal descriptio


MORTGAGES- Additional Requirements

  1. Post-Office Address of the Mortgagee(s)
  2. Post-Office Address of the Assignee(s)


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