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M Joseph Direct Air Capture Facility Special Use Permit Request

A special use permit application for a carbon dioxide sequestration facility, via direct air capture, was considered at a regular meeting of the Morton County Planning & Zoning Commission on February 28, 2024. Link to the meeting materials is here. The Planning & Zoning Commission recommended denial of the application. The application will move to a regular meeting of the Morton County Board of Commissioners for a final review and decision. The applicants have requested that the application not be scheduled for a County Commission meeting until they have gathered additional information to support their proposal and answer questions that have been posed by the community. Staff will update this page when the application is placed on the agenda for an upcoming County Commission meeting. 


North Dakota Century Code related to carbon dioxide underground storage. Scroll to Title 38 Chapter 22.

North Dakota Administrative Code related to geologic storage of carbon dioxide. Scroll to Article 43-05. 

All materials associated with this application that have been received by the Planning & Zoning Department are available upon request. 

Link to a video of the February 28, 2024 Planning & Zoning Commission meeting is here.

Note: there were technical issues with the rendering of the official meeting video. The link provided is a temporary link/copy and is not of optimal quality.


Update posted 3/27/24:

Members of the Morton County community have asked the question: does the North Dakota Industrial Commission have preemption over local zoning decisions in the case of CO2 sequestration facilities. The Industrial Commission is currently seeking and Attorney General's opinion on that question. When County staff receive updates, those updates will be posted here.  


Update posted 4/12/24:

The applicant has submitted a written notice to the Morton County Planning & Zoning Department officially withdrawing the M Joseph DAC SUP application. The applicants may re-apply to entitle this project, or apply for a similar project, at any time in the future.  


Lifting of Fort Lincoln Viewshed Building Moratorium

At the County Commission meeting on March 14, 2024, there will be a first reading of a resolution to lift the building moratorium that has been imposed on properties within sight lines of specific viewing points within Fort Lincoln State Park since 2000. The second reading of the resolution is scheduled for the April 11, 2024 regular County Commission meeting. A public hearing will be held, beginning at 6pm on each of these dates, at which time any concerned party will be allowed to speak on the proposal. The Planning & Zoning Commission considered this topic most recently at the January 24, 2024 regular meeting. Link to Planning & Zoning Commission meeting materials is here.


Harmon Lake Dam Breach Inundation Overlay District

Morton County Water Resource District (MCWRD) submitted a petition to the Board of Morton County Commissioners to create a dam breach inundation overlay district downstream of the Harmon Lake Dam. The initial public notice documents that were sent to affected property owners in advance of the November 19, 2020 Planning & Zoning Commission meeting can be found here. Links to the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting packets, with additional information submitted by the MCWRD, can be found below. 

December 17 meeting packet

November 19 meeting packet

January 28 meeting packet

February 25 meeting packet

March 25 meeting packet 


The Board of Morton County Commissioners approved an amendment to the Morton County Land Use Code at the April 27, 2021 regular meeting. Click here to view the current Land Use Code.


New Salem Wind Energy Project

NextEra Energy Resources is researching the possibility of a wind energy conversion project in central Morton County. A link to the NextEra presentation before the Morton County Commission on August 13, 2020 is available on the Dakota Media Access page. You may have to download the entire video in order to be able to view the video.


Tower Associates LLC applied for special use permits to erect two meteorological towers on two parcels of land. Details regarding the special use permit applications can be found in the December 17, 2020 meeting packet available here. The requested special use permits for these two meteorological towers were approved by the County Commission on January 14, 2021.



Click here to view videos of Morton County Commission and Planning & Zoning Commission meetings, available on the Dakota Media Access website.