Raffle Requirements

Application for Local Permit or Restricted Event Permit


Information required to be preprinted on a standard raffle ticket:

1.  Name of organization;

2.  Ticket number;

3.  Price of the ticket, including any discounted price;

4.  Prize, description of an optional prize selectable by a winning player, or option to convert a merchandise prize to a cash prize that is limited to the lesser of the value of the merchandise prize or eight thousand dollars. However, if there is insufficient space on a ticket to list each minor prize that has a retail price not exceeding twenty-five dollars, an organization may state the total number of minor prizes and their total retail price;

5.  For an organization that has a permit, print the authorizing city or county and permit number;

6.  A statement that a person is or is not required to be present at a drawing to win;

7.  Date and time of the drawing or drawings and, if the winning player is to be announced later, date and time of that announcement. For a calendar raffle, if the drawings are on the same day of the week or month, print the day and time of the drawing;

8.  Location and street address of the drawing;

9.  If a merchandise prize requires a title transfer involving the Department of Transportation, a statement that a winning player is or is not liable for sales or use tax;

10. If a purchase of a ticket or winning prize is restricted to a person of a minimum age, a statement that a person must be at least "-" years of age to buy a ticket or win a prize;

11. A statement that a purchase of the ticket is not a charitable donation;

12. If a secondary prize is an unguaranteed cash or merchandise prize, a statement that the prize is not guaranteed to be won and odds of winning the prize based on numbers of chances; and

13. If a prize is live beef or dairy cattle, horse, bison, sheep or pig, a statement that the winning player may convert the prize to a cash prize that is limited to the lesser of the market value of the animal or six thousand dollars.




A single cash prize cannot exceed $8,000


The retail value of a merchandise prize cannot exceed $8,000.


The total of all cash prizes and retail value of all merchandise prizes for all games cannot exceed $40,000 per year.


If the value of the planned cash and merchandise prizes exceed $40,000, the organization or group must reduce the prizes to this limit or a nonprofit corporation may apply for a state gaming license with the Office of Attorney General.




                                                                   Local Permit            Restricted Event Permit


Number of events per year                        Limited by prizes                 One

Must file and information report                 No                                        Yes

May pay employees compensation           Yes                                       No

Must use chips as wagers                         No                                        Yes

Use of net income                                     Unrestricted                          Restricted

Games allowed                                         Bingo                                    Bingo

                                                                  Raffles                                  Raffles

                                                                  Sports Pools                         Sports Pools





Compared to a "Local Permit", an organization or group with a "Restricted Event Permit" may conduct three more game types, but is restricted to one event per year, must file a "Report on a Restricted Event Permit" with the city or county and Office of Attorney General, and disburse net income to eligible uses. These uses are described by North Dakota Century Code 53-06.1-11.1(2) and North Dakota Administrative Code 99-01.3-14-02. Refer to the backside of the "Report on a Restricted Event Permit" form for a general list of eligible uses. For a Restricted Event Permit, one method to ensure that the total of all cash prizes and retail value of all merchandise prizes do not exceed $40,000 is to charge each player a standard amount at the start of the event for a certain number or value of chips. If a player loses all of the player's chips, the player may re-buy chips. The player would play games and, at the end of the event, the organization would auction merchandise prizes to the players. The player who bid the highest number or value of chips for a prize would win that prize. For those players who have chips but did not successfully bid on a prize, the organization may redeem the chips for a predetermined cash value per chip. For this method, the value of the players' chips redeemed for cash is not a prize.