Morton County - Notice of Load Restrictions April 11, 2023


Load Restrictions have been placed on all county paved roadways in Morton County. Gravel
roads will be restricted as needed. Load Restriction map can be viewed at Restrictions are in effect as of 7:00 AM, April 11th, 2023 and enforced
by the North Dakota State Patrol. The maximum weights are as follows:

All paved Morton County Roads will have a 6 ton/axle, 80,000 lb. max restriction except:


  • County Rte. 139: from State Hwy 49, west to I-94, and from ADM Elevator west to the County Line, 7 ton/axle, 105,500 lb. max.
  • County Rte. 139: from East Entrance Southwest Grain, New Salem, west to County Rte. 85, From West City Limits of Glen Ullin south to State Hwy 49,
  • County Rte. 85: New Salem from I-94 south to County Rte. 139, from County Rte. 139 south to Feland Redimix Plant,
  • County Rte.139: from intersection of County Rte. 88, west to S 5th Street, from S 5th Street, west to City Limits, from intersection of County Rte. 88 and South Avenue (Glen Ullin) east to State Hwy 49, 41st Street (Glen Ullin Stockman’s Weight Association from intersection of County Rte. 139 west to end of pavement.
  • County Rte. 84 (Flasher Main Street) from State Hwy 21, south to end of pavement, 25 mph Speed Limit, 105,500 lb. max.
  • County Rte. 90 (Hebron) from intersection of Elm St. & Washington Ave, north on Elm Street to intersection of Summit Avenue, east on Summit Avenue to the end of pavement, 80,000 lbs. 
  • County Rte. 139 from I-94 north to the ADM Elevator, County Rte. 140 from State Highway1806 to State Hwy 25, County Rte. 90: (Brickmaker Expressway, Hebron) from I-94, north to west city limits, Main St. (Hebron) from west city limits east to intersection of Elm St., north on Elm St. to intersection of Washington Ave., 105,500 lbs. year round.
  • Fort Rice St. (Main Street) from State Highway 1806 east to end of pavement, Fort Rice Boat Dock from State Hwy 1806, east to Missouri River, Weinberger Drive S. from State Hwy 6 east, south and west back to State Hwy 6, 65,000 lbs. 


Weights in Subdivisions: 65,000 lbs.


By order of Morton County Commissioners - Dawn Rhone, Morton County Auditor