Morton County takes steps to improve customer service with online tools

For Immediate Release

July 29, 2019

Contact: Morton County Public Information Officer (701) 426-1587

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Morton County takes steps to improve customer service with online tools


Mandan, N.D. – Morton County has simplified the application process for permits, tax refunds, board appointments and employment with new fill-able online forms. The county’s transparency portal is also live on the homepage of our website to provide citizens with a guided view through our budget and expenditures.


“We are always looking for more efficient solutions to provide ease of access for our customers,” said Emergency Program Specialist Cody Mattson. “After testing some solutions, we are eager for our citizens to begin streamlining the process of applying for various permits.”


In order to utilize the online fill-able forms, citizens will need to download two free apps on their mobile devices from links that can be found on our website at One app allows the user to complete the fields within the application and the other app provides a way to sign the document, saving time and mailing costs since citizens no longer have to print to sign and then mail in some of the applications. A desktop application is also available at that link. The option to print and mail is still an option for those who prefer this method.


Transparency Portal

Another new tool available on our website is a transparency portal that allows the public to view the complex financial information of Morton County budgets and expenses within a simple format. The cloud-based software for government entities allows taxpayers to see department budgets and vendor payments for the past five years.


“For a geographically large county, traveling to the Courthouse to see the documents is not always feasible so this allows them to have the information at their fingertips from the comfort of their homes,” said Morton County Auditor Dawn Rhone. “It’s a better way to be transparent.”


This user-friendly tool makes digging through mountains of invoices and payments as simple as a click to learn about the county’s spending decisions. The OpenGov software product touts a 30 percent reduction in inbound public records requests since information can be accessed online with ease.


The transparency portal can be found at  under “Quick Links.”