Heroin paraphernalia and stolen firearm seized after K9 alert

Mandan, N.D. – Last night, a Morton County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrested a 39-year-old female and a 32-year-old male on felony charges after finding drug paraphernalia and a stolen firearm in their vehicle.


Amber Eickholdt of Mandan was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia-Heroin, false information to a police officer and an active warrant from the Bismarck Police Department. Tyrone Cheauma of Mandan was also arrested for false information to a police officer, possession of a stolen firearm, and possession of a concealed weapon.


At approximately 9:00pm on November 7, a Morton County Sheriff’s deputy stopped the vehicle along Memorial Highway when it appeared to match the description of a vehicle that was involved in a burglary case under investigation by the Mandan Police Department.


Both occupants said they did not have identification, and provided false names and dates of birth, which was discovered upon further questioning. Eickholdt was placed under arrest due to an active warrant.


K9 Gabber was retrieved to conduct a sniff around the vehicle and positively alerted to the presence of an illegal narcotic. During the search, the deputy located a pistol in the vehicle and a black and white pouch in Eickholdt’s purse that contained a measuring spoon, a plastic bag containing a brown/black residue, and needles. Eickholdt told the deputy the residue was heroin. Cheauma indicated the firearm belonged to him, but dispatch advised the pistol was stolen out of Bismarck. Cheauma was then placed under arrest for possession of a stolen firearm and possession of a concealed weapon, as well as an active warrant. Eickholdt was also placed under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia-Heroin.