Fort Rice Campground to move to 30-day camping stays


For Immediate Release

March 2, 2020

Contact: Morton County Parks Department, Tim Nilsen (701) 667-3363

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Fort Rice Campground to move to 30-day camping stays


Mandan, N.D. – The Morton County Park Board has chosen to transition the Fort Rice Campground from the current 10 consecutive-day stay allowance to 30 consecutive days for campers.


The four pull-through sites will be designated for 30-day camping starting March 16, 2020. Campers can use the 30-day plan twice in a season, but must leave the campground for 30 days before the second stay. The 30-day camping period will incur a $325 fee per camper, paid in advance of each stay. The sites can be reserved, and the fee is non-refundable.


Campers must use the camper dump station as Morton County Parks will not allow portable disposal waste containers. Each site allows two campers, but no more than two vehicles and one boat can be parked at each site.


The campsite should remain clean and clear of debris and when not occupied, items should be stored inside or under the camper. Firewood will be limited to 2-foot lengths and stacked six inches off the ground; it should not exceed a 4’x4’x4’ area.

Propane will be limited to 60 pounds on site, not to include the tanks hooked up to the camper.


Morton County Parks will not be responsible for theft or damage to property.