Land Owner Assistance

Participation form for Landowner Assistance

Controlling noxious weeds can be a costly endeavor for the landowner.  The Weed Board can provide
partial reimbursement for herbicide and application costs.  The assistance is available to all landowners
and land managers for non-crop and non-CRP acres.  Pastures, rangeland, private roadsides and
wasteland areas in Morton County qualify.

Reimbursements can be made for up to 80% of certain herbicides per Morton County landowner.  Control
measures can be conducted at any time during the growing season.  The program is set up by the Morton
County Weed Board each spring.  There are limits to how much of each herbicide we offer at the cost
share price, so getting your share is most likely possible in the spring.  There are also limits of each
herbicide that the individual landowner can purchase at the cost share price.

To apply for reimbursement, compete, print and sign the application.  Mail all information to Morton County Weed Control, 2916 37th St NW Mandan, ND 58554.