Alarm Registration

Every year, more Morton County homeowners and businesses install security and fire alarm systems in their homes and commercial buildings.  The Sheriff’s Office responds to security alarm calls outside the City of Mandan.  The Mandan Police and Fire Departments respond to alarm calls within the City of Mandan. 


The Sheriff’s Office has a policy and procedure for the handling of alarms.  All security and fire alarms are required to be registered. 


To provide the best service possible, we request that property owners help us maintain current files.  A current file will also help us determine who is authorized to be present on the property, and who should be considered suspicious.  


For all security or fire alarms in Morton County (outside the City of Mandan), there is an annual fee of $15, payable within 48 hours of activation during the 1st year (for a new alarm), and then on January 1st of subsequent years (for a renewal).  This fee is payable to Morton County, and is separate from the price of the services charged by alarm companies. 


The Sheriff’s Office does not provide installation of, assume responsibility for, or make any guarantees for any alarm systems whatsoever. 


Auto-dialing systems used to call 911 or the Sheriff’s Office are prohibited.  It is important that Emergency Dispatchers speak to a live person in order to verify and confirm the nature of the alarm. 


False alarms:

Approximately 99% of security and fire alarms are false.  However, alarms require an emergency response, which can be hazardous to officers and the public.  Reducing and preventing false alarms is the responsibility of the alarm owner, and residents or staff in control of the alarm.  This can be accomplished through training and reviewing the alarm policy.  Alarm system failure, maintenance issues, operator error, and improper control are considered false alarms.  Actual intrusion or fire, and acts of God are not considered false. 


False alarms are logged in the alarm owner’s file.  More than 3 false alarms in a one year period are assessed $25 for each false alarm in excess of 3.


Alarm procedure:
It is the alarm owner’s responsibility to train residents and staff that may have control of the alarm.


During an alarm, residents, staff, and keyholders MUST NOT approach the property, but standby in a vehicle known to officers.  The safety of everyone on scene is of paramount importance to us.  Your vehicle description must be provided to the emergency dispatcher.  The property must be checked BY OFFICERS for evidence of a crime.


If the alarm is set off by accident, call the Sheriff’s Office at 701-667-3330, and then call your alarm company.  Officers will still respond.  Please give your name, the location of the alarm, and a description of your vehicle.  Standby near the scene in your vehicle.  Upon your arrival, wait for further instructions from the officers on scene. 


Stop by the Morton County LEC during business hours, or call 701-667-3330 for more information.