About Us

The office of Morton County Sheriff was established in 1878, when the County was organized as part of the Dakota Territory.  Sheriffs have continued to serve the people of Morton County since that time.

The Sheriff's Office duties are defined in NDCC 11-15-03, Duties of sheriff.  The sheriff shall:

  1. Preserve the peace.
  2. Arrest and take before the nearest magistrate, or before the magistrate who issued the warrant, all persons who attempt to commit or who have committed a public offense.
  3. Prevent and suppress all affrays, breaches of the peace, riots, and insurrections which may come to the sheriff's knowledge.
  4. Attend each term of the district court held within the county; obey its lawful orders and directions; and act as crier thereof and make proclamation of the opening and adjournment of court and of any other matter under its direction.
  5. Command the aid of as many inhabitants of the county as the sheriff may think necessary in the execution of the sheriff's duties.
  6. Take charge of and keep the county jail and the prisoners therein.
  7. Endorse upon all notices and process received by the sheriff for service the year, month, day, hour, and minute of reception, and issue therefor to the person delivering it, on payment of the sheriff's fees, a certificate showing the names of the parties, the title of the paper, and the time of its reception.
  8. Serve all process or notices in the manner prescribed by law.
  9. Certify under the sheriff's hand upon each process or notice the time and manner of service, or if the sheriff fails to make service, the reasons for failure, and return the same without delay.
  10. Perform such other duties as are required of the sheriff by law.
  11. Enforce, personally or through deputies, all statutes defining traffic violations denominated noncriminal by section 39-06.1-02.

The office works to protect life and property.  It responds to calls for service, investigates complaints, and patrols the county.  The result is improved safety and quality of life for the public.   

In Morton County, most of the Sheriff's personnel are assigned to patrol and corrections.  Other assignments include:  investigator, narcotics investigator, prisoner transport, civil process, and warrants.  Deputies are assigned to a variety of other tasks as needed.

The Sheriff's Office is headquartered at the Morton County Law Enforcement Center, 205 1st Ave NW, Mandan, North Dakota.  Deputies are also stationed in the outlying areas of the county.