Superintendent of Schools



The Superintendent's duties fill students' lives with activities they will long remember, including spelling bees, MATHCOUNTS, and other local and state contests.  They assist teachers and administrators and provide information on school law and legislative matters. The county superintendent assumes the primary responsibility in restructuring school district boundaries. County superintendents evaluate the needs of schools under their jurisdiction and develop a full service plan accordingly. For smaller schools that do not have a superintendent, the county superintendent serves in that capacity.


This office houses the school records and census records for Morton County.  Records for Morton County school districts date back to 1913.  We are available to check records for those who need verification of names and birthdates for passports, social security or family history.



School Records / Census / Birthdates

Census and Teacher's Final Reports of Morton County Schools are available for verification of birthdates for social security, passports, etc.