Mission, Vision, Values and Motto


Vision Statement:

To enhance, protect and support the community in which we serve.


Mission Statement:

We believe in providing comprehensive, cost-effective and efficient services to our community, our constituents and our Team while providing these services in a collaborative, considerate, ethical and fiscally responsible manner.


Core Values:

  • We take a whole-hearted approach to Responsible and Comprehensive Customer Service.
  • We work tirelessly to be Stewards of Public Trust.
  • We are committed to hearing and responding to the Diverse Voices and Ideas surrounding us.
  • We have a burning desire to lead this community with Ethics and Integrity.
  • We are committed to a Culture of Team Work and Collaboration built out of respect for one another.


Motto Statement:

We envision a County where people arrive each day inspired to make a positive impact on other people’s lives through their job – no matter what that job is.