Parks FAQs


 How much does a camping site cost?

Electrical sites are $25/night. Primitive camping sites are $15/night.

 Where do I pay?

You can pay the Camp Host, or the Iron Ranger located at the entrance of the campground.

 What does “open” or “primitive” camping mean?

It means you’re not on a defined camping pad and not using electricity.

 How many campers can we have sharing an electric pedestal?

For $25/camper, each pedestal can have up to 2  campers. Each of our pedestals have a 50, 30 and 20 amp in them. The number of pedestals at each park is listed below:

Harmon Lake – 43

Graner Park – 75 electrical

Fort Rice – 10 electrical

 Do you have group pads for accommodating several campers?

Harmon Lake has two group pads and Graner Park has one group pad.

The group pads can be reserved for $100/night, which allows for five campers. (We charge for the first four, the fifth one is free!) Each camper beyond five is $25/night. These pads can hold 8-10 campers depending on how they are parked.

 How do I find a spot for my camper once I arrive?

Camping sites are first come, first serve. You can select any open site. If you have any questions, you can speak with the campground host.

 Can I reserve a camping site?

Group sites can be reserved. Call the County Parks office at 701-667-3363 to check availability. Individual sites are first come, first serve.

 Do you rent paddle boats, kayaks or canoes?

County Parks do not rent these items, but during the summer season, Paddle On ND, does have a permanent rental site at Harmon Lake. You can obtain contact information and details at

 Do all campsites with electricity also have water?

No campsites have water. At Harmon Lake there is a spigot by the Camp Host to fill your tanks. Graner Park has spigots spread throughout the park.

 What parks allow camping?

The only parks/facilities that do NOT offer camping of any kind are Eckroth Bottoms, Gaebe Pond, Heskett Stairway, Little Heart Boat Ramp, and the Missouri River Natural Area and Trailhead. All other parks offer primitive camping. Fort Rice, Graner Park and Harmon Lake include electrical sites.

 Are pets allowed at your parks?

Pets are allowed anywhere except the beaches and playgrounds. They are allowed on the other shorelines. All pets must be on a leash no longer than 10 feet and be properly controlled. All pet waste must be bagged and disposed of in an appropriate waste container.

 How long can I stay at a campground?

Camping is allowed for 10 consecutive days.

 What are the hours of the County parks?

Day use times are 6am – 11pm (unless you are fishing lawfully)

Quiet times are 11pm – 7am

 Can I bring my ATV and go off-roading?

The operation of any motorized vehicle off designated trails or roads is prohibited. No operation of ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles or other off-road vehicles is allowed unless otherwise posted.

 Can I light off fireworks at the campground?

Absolutely NO discharge of fireworks or explosives allowed at Morton County parks.

 Can I have a campfire?

Morton County Parks follow the ND Rangeland Fire Danger Index.  When the fire index is Low or Moderate, campfires are allowed in Morton County parks.  When the fire index is High, Very High, Extreme or Red Flag Warning, campfires are not allowed. The daily fire danger rating can be found at the following website:

 Do you do anything about pests such as ticks, mosquitoes, etc.?

We do not spray for any pest in our system.

 Where are your county-maintained cemeteries?

North Dakota State Law requires that the individual Counties of the State are responsible for abandoned or closed cemeteries within their jurisdiction.  Morton County currently cares for two cemeteries.  The responsibility for caring for these cemeteries belongs to the Morton County Parks Department.  The locations of these cemeteries will not be posted here to protect the cemeteries from possible vandalism.  Contact the Morton County Parks Department for assistance.