Morton County Planning and Zoning Department


The Department of Planning and Zoning is responsible for administration of the Morton County zoning and subdivision regulations, staff support to the Morton County Planning and Zoning Commission, floodplain administration (outside of incorporated cities and townships), and long-range planning for land use and development in Morton County.

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Planning and Zoning Commission
Meeting schedule, agenda, minutes, and packets.


News and Project Information


Parks and Trails Master Plan
This plan will develop throughout 2019. The County will be looking for input from County residents regarding goals, vision and priorities for parks, trails and outdoor recreation facilities across the entire County.


Comprehensive Plan

The guiding document for land use planning and development in Morton County.

Land Use Code
County laws pertaining to land use and development in the unincorporated areas.

Planning & Zoning Map
Map provides zoning district, future land use category and flood information through ArcGIS online services. 


Other County Plans
Including the Fringe Area Roadway Master Plan, Future Plan Use Plan, and other plans adopted by the Morton County Commission.

Application Forms
Applications needed for subdivision, rezoning, variances, special use permits, and other actions.

Building a Home in Rural Morton County
Guidance for those looking to relocate or build a home in rural Morton County.


Community Development Links


























Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How close can I put my fence to a county road?

A: It depends on the road. The Planning & Zoning GIS Map has lots of information, including the planned right of way width for every maintained road in Morton County. Follow this link to the map. Zoom into the area of road you're asking about. Be sure the "Roads" layer is checked/activated in the map layer list at the upper right of the map frame. Then click on the road of interest within the map. Sometimes you have turn off other layers in the layer list in order to be able to "reach" the road layer to click it. Once you successfully click on the road, a table will pop up. At the bottom of the table, is a field called "Proposed_ROW". If the Proposed_ROW field says "50" then you can install your fence 50 feet away from the centerline of the road. If it says "60" then you can install your fence 60 feet away from the centerline of the road.


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