Property Tax Help for Veterans, Elderly, and Disabled


Homestead Property Tax Credit


Homeowners who are 65 years of age or older or who are permanently and totally disabled may be entitled to a property tax credit. Qualifications include an annual income less medical expenses of $70,000 or less (including Social Security and pensions). The applicant may receive a credit up to $200,000 true and full value of the homestead.


Renters may also be entitled to a rent refund under this program. Renters apply to the Office of State Tax Commissioner for this refund and applications are not available at the Morton County Director of Equalization office.


Homestead Property Tax Credit Information

Homestead Property Tax Credit Application



Disabled Veterans Property Tax Credit


Homeowners who are a veteran of the United States armed forces with a disability of 50% or greater may be entitled to a property tax credit. A veteran must meet all eligibility requirements and file an application with the local assessor or tax director. The qualifying veteran may receive a credit of up to $8,100 in taxable value depending on the percentage of disability. See attached brochure for further information.


Disabled Veterans Property Tax Credit Information

Disabled Veterans Property Tax Credit Application


If you feel you may qualify or for more information, please contact Mandan Assessor's Office at 701.667.3232 for residence within the City of Mandan or contact the Morton County Tax Director's Office for residence outside the City of Mandan at 701.667.3325.


Property Tax Frequently Asked Questions from the North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner.


Additional information on these programs is also available at the State Tax Commissioners Web Site.