Tax Equalization



The Director of Equalization office oversees the property tax assessment function for property in unincorporated areas and for incorporated cities and townships that contract with the county for assessment services. In addition to assisting the public, we advise the Morton County Commission concerning valuation, taxation, and assessment issues. We also administer the mobile home tax assessment and collection.


Understanding Property Taxes


The North Dakota Association of Counties offers a good explanation of property taxes on their Understanding Property Taxes page.


Building Permits


Building permits for unincorporated areas are handled by the Morton County Building Inspector Department. Building permits for incorporated cities (Flasher, Glen Ullin, Hebron, & New Salem) are handled by the respective city, contact the city auditor for permits. The City of Almont has requested the county handle their building permits, see the Morton County Building Inspector Department for the City of Almont.




Property in the City of Mandan

The City of Mandan has a separate assessment and building inspections department which handles property in the city limits. See the property map for the boundaries. If your property is in the city limits contact the City of Mandan at the link below.
Attached Document or FileCity of Mandan Assessing Department For property in City of Mandan or in 1-mile jurisdiction of Mandan
Attached Document or FileCity of Mandan Building Inspections Department For property in City of Mandan or in 1-mile jurisdiction of Mandan

Homestead Property Tax Credit


Homestead Property Tax Credit


If you are 65 years of age or older or disabled and if the income of you, your spouse and any dependents does not exceed $70,000 after medical deductions, you may qualify for a Homestead Property Tax Credit to reduce your residential property tax.


See our Tax Credit page for more information.